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Research has shown that tens of millions of workers across the country would unionize their workplaces if they were given the chance. Our research has shown that getting information to these workers is the biggest barrier to empowered workplaces and a more equitable economy. 

LaborLab is ranked on the first page of Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo and is one of the top online resources for workers looking to take that first step towards unionization and freedom of speech at work  - contacting a union organizer. Simplifying this first step while educating workers on the process is our primary goal.

Every month, thousands of workers visit our website to learn about their labor rights, how to start a union, and when to get in touch with a union organizer.

That's why we host the Unions that Organize Directory. We make it even easier for workers to find unions in their area.

The Unions that Organize Directory is a list of unions and labor federations responsive to organizing inquiries. If your union or labor federation takes organizing seriously and believes in promoting the right to unionize, we welcome you to sign-up.

Our directory receives traffic from social media, email, organic traffic, and paid traffic. It's also included in the communications we send workers who request more information on starting a union and contacting a union organizer.




How do I get my union included in the Unions that Organize Directory?

Simply fill-out the form below and make a small donation to LaborLab.

Why are you asking for donations?

LaborLab is a nonprofit advocacy group and we depend on small dollar donations to fund worker education and outreach efforts around the country.

How much of a donation should I make?

We ask that you make a donation to LaborLab that reflects the size of your union or labor federation.

Simply multiply the number of members you have by $0.01 and make a donation in that amount. For example, a union with 2,000 members should donate about $20.

Donations are based on the honor system. We trust you!

Tell me more about LaborLab:

LaborLab is a nonprofit started and run by union members. Our mission is to reach the 65% of workers unfamiliar with their workplace rights, empower them, and help them contact union organizers. To learn more, click here.

Can I donate using a check or other form of payment?

Absolutely. Contact us and we'll get you all the information you need.

Have other questions? Email [email protected]

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