Here's a fact that *may* surprise you: 65% of workers under the age of 40 don't know about their right to form unions.

LaborLab's mission is to reach the 65% of workers unfamiliar with their rights, empower them, and help them contact union organizers.

Since launching in May of 2021, LaborLab has reached thousands of young workers and helped three dozen workplaces get in contact with union organizers. In fact, LaborLab is already one of the top online resources for workers interested in learning about their right to unionize and wanting to get information on contacting union organizers.

That's why we're launching 'Unions That Organize.'

LaborLab's 'Unions That Organize' directory is a list of unions that take organizing seriously. We will be formally launching the directory on September 1st.

Why should your union sign up for our directory?

By donating $5 a month you'll 

  • be included in the "Unions That Organize" directory, which receives both paid and organic traffic,
  • make it easier for workers looking to organize to contact your union,
  • and increase LaborLab's educational reach.

Why is LaborLab requesting financial support from union partners?

First, it helps us identify the unions that make workplace organizing a priority. Second, financial backing supports our paid digital outreach to workers interested in learning more about their labor rights or how to get in contact with a union organizer.

What happens after we register?

After registering (below), you'll receive a confirmation email. Please respond to the email with all the relevant contact and service area information for your union. Once that information is collected, your union will be added to our directory.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected] or go here.

Please only register for the 'Unions That Organize' directory if your union is serious about organizing new workplaces in your area.

Thank you for your support!

- The LaborLab Team



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