Solidarity Sponsorships

Thank you for supporting LaborLab's important work!

LaborLab is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and promoting the right to unionize by educating workers about their labor rights.

We believe that in order for workers to use their rights, they first need to know what those rights are. Too many don’t. In fact, a large majority of workers don't know about their legal right to build power in the workplace through unions and protected concerted activities. LaborLab fills an important informational vacuum for workers regarding the right to unionize, with a special emphasis placed on Sections 7 and 8 of the National Labor Relation Act (NLRA).

LaborLab also serves as a union-busting industry watchdog. We are dedicated to exposing union-busters and employers who hire union-busting law firms and consultants.


If you'd rather donate online, email [email protected] so we can properly acknowledge your solidarity.