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Rowell Chemical Corporation Hires Anti-Union Firm LRI Consulting Amid Worker Organizing Efforts

Rowell Chemical Corporation, a chemical manufacturing company based in Illinois, has employed the services of LRI Consulting, a prominent anti-union persuader firm, to resist workers' attempts to organize with Teamsters 710. The agreement between Rowell Chemical Corporation (RCC) and the union buster has raised concerns and shed light on the tactics employed in union campaigns.

LRI Consulting, known as one of the most prolific anti-union persuader firms in the country, outlined in its agreement letter with RCC that union campaigns are "highly emotional and disruptive." However, various studies indicate the contrary, illustrating that employer resistance to worker rights and the engagement of anti-union persuaders can inflict irreparable harm on a workplace. Union busting is inherently hostile.

Marty Levitt, a reformed union buster and author of Confessions of a Union Buster, stated that "a campaign against a union is an assault on individuals & a war on the truth." Levitt emphasized that the only way to dismantle a union is through deception, distortion, threats, and constant attacks. LRI Consulting failed to address the fundamental reason for declining union density, which is attributed to widespread union busting.

Notably, LRI Consulting's agreement with RCC, which must be disclosed to the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), conveniently omits the specific payment details, only mentioning "customary rates." Typically, firms like LRI Consulting charge exorbitant fees, often amounting to thousands of dollars per day plus expenses. However, it is worth noting that LRI Consulting reported their anti-union activities to the USDOL in a timely manner, as over 80% of anti-union persuaders do not comply with this requirement. When it comes to union busting, the bar is pretty low.

For those interested in reviewing the complete agreement between LRI Consulting and RCC, it can be accessed through this link. Stay informed about companies engaged in anti-union persuasion by following regular updates.

The good news is that Teamsters 710 won this election with 82%!


Published June 10, 2023