Report: Student researchers rally against UC union busting

Report: Student researchers rally against UC union busting

On Oct. 28, student researchers and postdocs congregated on the corner of 2nd and A St. and marched to Mrak Hall to demand that the UC recognize Student Researchers United-UAW (SRU-UAW). This push for unionization began in May 2021, with over 12,000 student researchers submitting authorization cards to form the union.

According to those at the rally, the protest is a culmination of frustrations with financial instability, a lack of healthcare, longer work hours and no protection against discrimination and harassment.

The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) verified the right of all members of SRU-UAW to be recognized, but the UC stated that it is only willing to only recognize approximately 11,000 student researchers. The UC argues that student researchers funded by fellowships and training grants do not share a community of interest with other student researchers. The union refutes that all of the student researchers should enjoy the same rights because the work is the same.

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