Report: Amazon is 'unlawfully deceiving millions of consumers' - LaborLab

Report: Amazon is 'unlawfully deceiving millions of consumers'

Amazon is once again clashing with labor unions, this time over allegations of deceptive advertising practices. 

The e-commerce giant is the subject of a new complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday, alleging the company is "unlawfully deceiving millions of consumers" by failing to disclose advertisements in its search results. 

The complaint — which was filed by the Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), a coalition of four labor unions representing a total of four million workers across an array of industries — claims that Amazon violated federal disclosure regulations that call for visual identification of advertisements in search engine results. 

"SOC has found evidence that Amazon is systematically flouting FTC guidance for such disclosures, and in addition is deliberately obfuscating identification of a key category of advertisements by delaying their ad labels from loading for several seconds," SOC wrote in the filing.

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