Pledge to Protect and Promote the Right to Unionize

Unionizing your workplace isn't just protected by the National Labor Relations Act -- it's protected by the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of speech, assembly, and petition, also guarantees freedom of association and is recognized by U.S. courts as a fundamental right.

When politicians make it harder to join a union and employers use union-busting tactics, they're violating federal law and infringing on our constitutional right to unionize. Period.

Add your name to our petition to show Wall Street and their political puppets that we will no longer let them step all over the law, the U.S. Constitution and, our rights and freedoms.

We will protect the right to unionize and help educate others about their rights, too!

Read all about the right to unionize here and please share this information far and wide.

Will you sign?