President Biden Urged to Reinstate Persuader Rule to Protect Workers' Right to Unionize - LaborLab

President Biden Urged to Reinstate Persuader Rule to Protect Workers' Right to Unionize

As President of the United States, Joe Biden has the power to direct the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to reinstate the Persuader Rule. This rule would make it harder for union busting to hide in the shadows and ensure that workers have a fair chance to unionize without interference from their employers.

The Persuader Rule, first implemented during the Obama administration, requires employers to disclose any outside consultants or attorneys hired to persuade employees against unionizing. Without this rule, employers can hire third-party consultants to dissuade workers from unionizing without disclosing their involvement, which can make it difficult for workers to fully understand the impact of these anti-union efforts.

However, the Trump administration rescinded the Persuader Rule in 2018, making it easier for employers to engage in union busting tactics without transparency. President Biden can take immediate action to reverse this decision and restore the Persuader Rule, ensuring that workers have a level playing field when it comes to unionization efforts.

This move would be in line with Biden's commitment to supporting workers and their right to unionize. According to LaborLab, a source for workers' rights research and advocacy, reinstating the Persuader Rule is a "key step in protecting workers' right to organize and bargain collectively."

By reinstating the Persuader Rule, Biden would send a clear message that his administration is committed to protecting the rights of workers and promoting a fair and just labor market. It is time for the U.S. government to take bold action to protect workers and ensure that their voices are heard.