Pfizer is paying union-busters $200 an hour - LaborLab

Pfizer is paying union-busters $200 an hour

Pfizer is paying union-busters $200 an hour

Earlier this month, LaborLab discovered that Pfizer has hired an army of union-busters to persuade workers against starting a union.

Specifically, Pfizer has hired consultants to conduct captive audience meetings. A captive audience meeting is a mandatory meeting where workers are interrogated and subjected to threats, lies, and anti-union propaganda. According to one study, the chance of employees winning a union drops a whopping 36% when employers conduct captive audience meetings. 

Now, new documents show just how much Pfizer is willing to pay in order to deny 1,000 workers at their plant in Michigan the right to unionize. 

For example, Bruce Jasper, a union-busting consultant based out of Georgia, is being paid $200/hr. plus "reasonable expenses" to come to Michigan and intimidate working people. 

It's important to remember that Pfizer has received billions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers.

If this union-busting concerns you, contact Pfizer by clicking HERE. Pfizer can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. 


Published July 13, 2022