Early Warning System

LaborLab's extensive database on anti-union "persuaders" puts our organization in a unique position to assist workers and unions with organizing efforts. By tracking when employers hire these consultants to intimidate and coerce workers, LaborLab can provide crucial information to unions in a timely manner. This is achieved through LaborLab's Early Warning System, which alerts unions when they are being targeted by anti-union consultants. As a result, more and more unions are partnering with LaborLab's Early Warning System to access critical information and improve organizing efforts. 

The Early Warning System employed by LaborLab operates by continuously tracking filings from the U.S. Department of Labor in real-time. Once potential union-busting activities are detected, LaborLab intervenes by providing targeted unions and workers with timely alerts and crucial information about the union busting firms involved. This information includes the history of their past campaigns and practices, as well as their revenue, how much persuaders are paid and much more. By taking proactive measures, LaborLab aims to empower unions and workers with the information needed to counteract union busting efforts and protect workers' rights.

How it Works

Every day, LaborLab's team sifts through U.S. Department of Labor filings to detect when employers hire anti-union "persuaders." We then compile a report on the union busters and alert the targeted unions.

Partner with LaborLab’s Early Warning System

To partner with LaborLab's Early Warning System, please email [email protected]