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Department of Labor Launches Union-Buster Tip Line

Department of Labor Launches Union-Buster Tip Line

The union-busting industry operates in a world of loopholes. Did you know that union-busters don't have to report their activities unless they speak directly to organizing workers? For example, union-busters never have to report if they were wrote speeches for management, designed flyers, or facilitated the distribution of intimidating text messages. If union-busters do work with employees directly, they have to report it in an LM-20.

You'd expect the union-busting industry to be able to meet such a low bar, but you'd be wrong. In fact, union-busters consistently break the law by intimidating... er... persuading workers directly and failing to report that activity.

The Department of Labor has launched a new tip line for people to report unreported anti-union persuasion from union-busters.

Here's the info:

If you are aware of any employer or labor relations consultant that is involved in persuader activity and should be filing, please contact OLMS via email at [email protected] or by calling your nearest OLMS District Office.

Individuals who report allegations are not required to provide their identity to OLMS.  However, they should be prepared to provide us with information identifying the employer or consultant involved and describe the suspected reportable persuader activity.