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Carvana Brings in the Union-Busters

Carvana Brings in the Union-Busters

Class A Drivers working for Carvana Logistics, LLC  in Blue Mound, TX are organizing with Teamsters Local 745. However, according to recent Department of Labor filings, Carvana has opted to hire union-busters in an attempt to deny workers their right to a union.

As of this month, Carvana has hired Carlos Ortiz, President of Solutions Labor Relations Consultants to manage their union-busting campaign. In turn, Ortiz has subcontracted Ronn English of the Alton Group organizing drivers face-to-face.

The right to a union is protected by federal law and the U.S. Constitution. All workers should understand their Section 7 rights and what qualifies as a violation of those rights.

Carvana has been added to LaborLab's Union-Busting Tracker and Database. This report was published on May 11, 2022.


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