Benchmark Electronics Hires Anti-Union "Persuaders" to Counter Unionization Efforts - LaborLab

Benchmark Electronics Hires Anti-Union "Persuaders" to Counter Unionization Efforts

Benchmark Electronics Hires Anti-Union

Benchmark Electronics LLC, a manufacturing company based in Arizona, is under scrutiny after disclosures reviewed by LaborLab revealed its hiring of anti-union "persuaders." These individuals employ various tactics to coerce employees into opposing unionization efforts. In mid-April, Benchmark Electronics engaged Government Resources Consultants of America, a firm based in Illinois, for assistance in their anti-union campaign. The focus of the organizing appears to be the IBEW Local 949 union and manufacturing workers within the company.

The revelations have sparked concerns among labor rights advocates, who argue that such tactics undermine workers' rights to organize and collectively bargain. According to reports, Government Resources Consultants of America has a track record in union busting and earned over $1.6 million from such activities in 2022 alone. These hired "persuaders" often employ strategies aimed at dissuading employees from supporting unions, including misinformation campaigns, captive audience meetings, and targeted anti-union messaging.

The actions of companies like Benchmark Electronics serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by workers seeking to exercise their rights. 


May 19, 2023