Informed workers are empowered workers.

Informed workers are empowered workers.

LaborLab is an information center focused on promoting the right to unionize and shedding light on the union-busting industry.

We believe that in order for workers to use their rights, they first need to know what those rights are. Too many don’t. In fact, a large majority of workers don't know about their legal right to build power in the workplace through unions and protected concerted activities. LaborLab fills an important informational vacuum for workers regarding the right to unionize, with a special emphasis placed on Sections 7 and 8 of the National Labor Relation Act (NLRA).

What we do

We empower American workers to start, join, and support unions by

  • informing workers about their legal and constitutional rights,
  • providing information on starting a union,
  • and connecting empowered workers with union organizers.

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Advisory Board

Bob Funk

Bob is the communications director for the most professionally diverse union in the United States. His professional portfolio includes work with numerous labor federations, unions, progressive advocacy groups, and campaigns throughout the west. He's a third generation union member.

Natalie Grieco

Natalie is a law student at Cornell Law School. She recently received a Peggy Browning Summer Fellowship to work in union-side labor law. Prior to law school, Natalie was a union organizer in Montana, California, and New York. She worked with hospital workers, airport workers, nurses, mental health workers, university professors, and teachers. Natalie helped workers form unions, win workplace improvements, and activate leaders in already-existing bargaining units.

James Burrows

James is the communications director for the Montana State AFL-CIO and has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor covering labor issues in both Canada and the US. Through his work with the Montana state fed, he works with over 500 locals to empower workers in a diverse set of jobs and communicate issues clearly to the media and other progressive organizations. He is the proud son of a union family.

Scott Peterson

[bio coming soon]


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