71 Documented Union-Busting Campaigns in January, 2022 - LaborLab

71 Documented Union-BUSTING Campaigns in January, 2022

71 Documented Union-BUSTING Campaigns in January, 2022

Yikes. LaborLab documented 71 union-busting campaigns in the month of January.

For comparison, we documented 21 union-busting campaigns in January of 2021.

71 union-busting campaigns in one month comes out to over 2 new anti-work efforts launching every. single. day.

You can view LaborLab's Union-Busting Tracker here and below is a map specific to all the employers who (we know) launched union-busting campaigns this past month (lots and lots of Starbucks).

The increase in union-busting efforts appears to mirror an increase in organizing drives. However, it's important to note that many, many, many -- in fact, most union-busting campaigns go unreported. That's because we still don't have a "Persuader Rule," which means the there is a giant loophole for the union-busting industry when it comes to reporting. LaborLab attempts to monitor and track every aspect of the union-busting industry -- even the tactics that go unreported.

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