6 More Companies Engaging in Anti-Union Tactics Hire "Persuaders" to Suppress Unionization Efforts - LaborLab

6 More Companies Engaging in Anti-Union Tactics Hire "Persuaders" to Suppress Unionization Efforts

6 More Companies Engaging in Anti-Union Tactics Hire

In recent developments, several companies have come under scrutiny for engaging in anti-union practices and hiring external consultants to discourage unionization among their employees. These actions, aimed at undermining workers' rights to organize, have raised concerns among labor advocates and led to investigations into potential violations of labor laws.

One such company, Hyatt Centric French Quarter, a prominent hotel located in New Orleans, Louisiana, has enlisted the services of Quest Consulting in a pre-petition battle against unionization efforts. However, their tactics have drawn attention from LaborLab, a labor research and advocacy organization. LaborLab has not only reported on this union-busting campaign but is also taking action by filing a complaint with the Office of Labor Management Services (OLMS). The complaint alleges that Quest Consulting failed to complete proper disclosure forms and omitted crucial information. By pushing government agencies to enforce labor laws diligently, LaborLab strives to hold these companies accountable for their anti-union actions.

Another concerning incident revolves around Nouryon, a global leader in specialty chemicals located in Alta Loma, California. In December, Nouryon hired Perceptive Consulting to deter unionization efforts within their workforce. However, the company's timing raised eyebrows, as their filing is untimely, which is a clear violation of labor law. Sadly, such untimely filings are not uncommon among anti-union "persuaders," highlighting a recurring disregard for legal obligations.

In the realm of the cannabis industry, Desert View Wellness & Healing Solutions, based in Glendale, Arizona, has engaged the services of Labor Information Services & The Redd Group. The company hired these consultants on May 27th to combat the efforts of UFCW 99, a union seeking to represent the employees of Desert View Wellness & Healing Solutions. This instance underscores the widespread utilization of anti-union consultants across various industries.

Moving to Arlington Heights, Illinois, ABC Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric has taken a proactive approach to prevent unionization among its workforce. The company has enlisted LRI Consulting to inoculate the company against unionization efforts. By utilizing these external consultants, ABC Plumbing aims to maintain control and discourage collective bargaining.

The hospitality industry is not exempt from such practices, as evidenced by Crestline DC, located in National Harbor, Maryland, and Intercontinental, based in Washington, DC. Both hotels have turned to Quest Consulting, the same firm hired by Hyatt Centric French Quarter. Quest Consulting's involvement in multiple union busting campaigns, including those of Crestline DC and Intercontinental, suggests a pattern of anti-union strategies. The campaigns also involve the participation of UNITE HERE!, a labor union advocating for workers' rights within the hospitality industry.

As investigations unfold, labor advocates and concerned stakeholders emphasize the importance of upholding workers' rights to fair representation and collective bargaining. The actions of these companies hiring anti-union "persuaders" highlight the ongoing struggle for workplace democracy and the need for robust enforcement of labor laws to protect workers' rights.



Published June 14, 2023