43-15: A LaborLab Podcast

Hosted by Meagan Sullivan & Jon Reynolds, the 43-15 podcast derives its name from the devastating union election vote count at No Evil Foods, which came back 15 for, 43 against, after the company subjected workers to a total of seven mandatory anti-union propaganda meetings. The goal of the podcast is to expose the tactics, talking points, and union busting industry as a whole, while also spotlighting ongoing struggles among the working class.

Jon Reynolds is a freelance writer and organizer. His work can be found in publications such as the Asheville Free Press, Industrial Worker, and Facing South. Born and raised in New York, Jon has been working class his whole life. In 2020, Jon was part of an organizing drive at a company called No Evil Foods, where he helped with unionization efforts and, at the start of the pandemic, helped organize a petition for guaranteed hazard pay. While this organizing activity resulted in Jon being fired, he was ultimately awarded a settlement after filing with the NLRB. 

Meagan Sullivan is a working class organizer born in California and raised in Virginia. She has worked numerous jobs over the years ranging from fast food to reception. She was a key organizer involved with unionization efforts at No Evil Foods, and also assisted with the petition for guaranteed hazard pay. After workers were laid off by No Evil Foods without warning or severance, she created a fundraiser for the workers and managed to raise over $3,000 on their behalf.

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