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Support our work and protect the right to unionize.

3 really important reasons to protect the right to unionize and empower American workers...



Unions promote a healthy democracy

Unions are democratically run organizations that have always been and continue to be the most powerful and effective counterbalance to the influence of corporate money and power in our American democracy. Union members are also more likely to take advantage of their right to vote and engage in the legislative process. Unions give working families a voice.



Unions promote economic justice

Historically, wealth inequality is at its lowest when union membership is at its highest. That’s because unions improve working conditions and wages for all workers, hold corporations accountable, and ensure the rules of the economy work for the people who do the work. Even non-union workers receive financial benefits when union membership is high because employers are forced to compete against good union contracts. Women and people of color also have higher wages and better benefits in unionized workplaces.



Unions promote social justice

Unions have been essential to narrowing the wage gaps between women and men, fighting workplace discrimination, and promoting community justice. For example, the civil rights movement aligned itself with unions because of the central role collective action plays in the struggle for social justice. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated while taking part in the Memphis sanitation-workers strike, just as he was entering into a broader social justice strategy that engaged the working class on every level. Without strong unions, social justice will remain unattainable.

All workers deserve to know their legal rights, including the right to organize.

The Right to Unionize

Your right to unionize is protected by U.S. Federal Law. Unfortunately, many employers and their high-paid lawyers take advantage of the fact that most Americans aren’t familiar with their rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).


Start a Union. It’s your right!

The majority of Americans want to belong to a union. Unfortunately, over 80% of American workers who say they want a union don’t have one. That’s almost 70 million Americans who want to start or join a union, but haven’t.